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an ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War

the upper and widest of the three bones making up the hipbone

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The fibreglass structural composite reinforcements that Ilium produces are the outcome of a process in which polyester flow media are sandwiched between layers of chopped fibreglass.
Antoniades and Pellegrini studied cross-sectional anatomy of the ilium from 16 cadaveric hips, [sup][17] claimed that there are substantial anatomic limitations to high hip reconstructions 2 cm above the acetabular dome, however, there were many limitations, and there is also some concern whether the calculations made in people of Caucasian descent can be generalized to Chinese people given that Chinese people generally have a smaller physique than white people.
Strong ligaments between the sacrum and the ilium permit hardly any movement of the joint.
The age & sex was determined from the measurements of ilium with Vernier Caliper & morphology of Greater Sciatic Foramen was studied.
Furthermore, Delapparentia turolensis can be distinguished from other basal iguanodonts because it possesses the following unique combination of characters: the lateral surface of the preacetabular process twists around its long axis towards its anterior end so that it comes to face almost dorsally; the rim of the sacrodorsal rib facet is visible, in lateral view, in the preacetabular notch; in profile, the dorsal edge of the ilium is practically straight between the anterior end of the preacetabular process and the part dorsal to the ischial peduncle; the anterior caudal vertebrae have dorsoventrally expanded (i.
The charges also involve the alleged possession of Ilium Stanabolic, which contains the anabolic steroid stanozolol.
Band-like soft-tissue density areas were seen in the normal location of the ilium, and the femoral heads were seen lying within the soft tissues.
of Miami) and Stevens (oral and maxillofacial surgery, Medical College of Georgia) review the anatomic knowledge and surgical techniques related to harvesting bone from the posterior ilium, anterior ilium, cranium, and tibia for the purposes of jaw reconstruction.
sediba differs from other australopitha and is aligned to Homo by sharing attributes like increased buttressing of the ilium, expansion of the posterior ilium, and a decrease in the distance between the hip joints and sacroiliac.
MANAMA: ILIUM is to establish a new fibreglass manufacturing facility at the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP).
Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Hassan Fakhro yesterday received an Ilium delegation headed by chief executive Gilbert Chomarat.
The Mesalands Community College class--made up of high school students, a high school teacher from New York City, two Texas retirees and a couple of volunteers from Oklahoma--found and excavated an ilium, the topmost element of the three hip bones.
UCLA alum Rich Simons took a page out of the history books with ``The Ilium Bowl,'' named for the ancient city where the Trojan War took place.
Quominus, si ore ad os ilium alloqui non valeret frequentibus datis et acceptis Epistolis ipsius dulcedine et amicabili colloquio atque consilio frueretur.
The genitive is elsewhere always ilium, the dative and ablative almost invariably(4) ilibus.