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an ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War

the upper and widest of the three bones making up the hipbone

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MRI was performed and showed absence of osseous or cartilaginous tissue in the normal location of the ilium.
The Ilium partners are Bahrain Fibreglass (BFG) International and French fibreglass industry experts Gilbert Chomarat and Frederic Romier.
The ilium of the Tucumcari-area find is significantly larger than an ilium from an average-size coelophysis, New Mexico's state dinosaur, and the shape is quite different, Hungerbuehler said.
Ideo Gelasius apocryphum librum ilium more Hieronymi appellat qui in Prologo voluminis Regum vbi Veteris Legis prime authoritatis libros enumerauit, ita habet: 'ut scire, inquit, valeamus quicquid extra hos est inter apocrypha esse ponendum.
While removing the fossilized pelvic bones from their rocky bed of some 135 million years, the Utah researchers were able to examine portions of the fractured ilium in cross section.
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