femoral vein

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a vein that accompanies the femoral artery in the same sheath

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Catheter-directed lysis of iliofemoral vein thrombosis with use of rt-PA.
The mechanism by which lung cancer metastasises to distal peripheries is thought to be via extension through the valves of the vertebral venous system, to lumbar spinal and iliofemoral veins in which incompetent valves allow distal passage of emboli, aided by gravity (3).
Zilver Vena is Canada's only venous stent indicated for use in the iliofemoral veins
Designed to restore blood flow in obstructed iliofemoral veins, Zilver Vena provides physicians with a tool designed specifically for stenting obstructed iliofemoral veins, This condition can arise for various reasons, including post-thrombotic syndrome in deep vein thrombosis (DVT) patients.
Since pulmonary emboli arise more often from thrombi in the iliofemoral veins than from more distal thrombi, this may help explain why the prevalence of factor V Leiden/activated protein C resistance is lower among patients with isolated pulmonary embolism (8.