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a large waterfall on the border between Argentina and Brazil

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Acqua Iguazu, named after the famous waterfalls in Brazil, is set for completion in November 2018.
Have a Lifetime Experience at Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Los agentes sanitarios entrevistados refirieron casos aislados en la zona norte, especificamente en los departamentos Iguazu y General Manuel Belgrano (GM Belgrano), sin mencionar brotes.
This northern province attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, all flocking to see the immense waterfalls of Iguazu.
Buying a ticket to foz do iguazu air for participation in the 1st congress of biodiversity and law
In 2011 a species of the genus Typophyllum was found in Iguazu National Park in the northeastern comer of Argentina in the province of Misiones, this being the first record of Pterochrozinae for the country.
It will expand the business center in the country including Ciudad del Este, Pedro Juan Caballero, EncarnaciEaAaEeAn and possibly Foz de Iguazu, in order to interconnect developing cities.
On the border of Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu Falls are one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls.
In this context, current paper determines the level of concentration of the following FSHs: estrone (E1), 17 [beta] estradiol (E2), 17 [alpha] ethinylestradiol (EE2) and progesterone (Pg) in the Iguazu River Basin in Curitiba, south Brazil, and relate them to limnological parameters that indicate contamination by domestic sewage discharges.
More than 500,000 people in 150 cities in the state of Parana were affected by the flooding on the Iguazu River following heavy rain, dpa reported.
This study was carried out at Iguazu National Park, Misiones province, Argentina (approximately 25[grados] 66' S, 54[grados] 30' W).
But tragedy struck on the second day of a visit to the Iguazu waterfalls.
We were able to study the flood basalts at the Iguazu Falls and have a close look at the Wanda Amethyst Mine, where the amethyst is strangely present in basalt.
00 Highlights of Argentina, Iguazu Falls & Rio Flying from London Heathrow Departs April 2014 - March 2015 Discover and explore two of South America's most enthralling and colourful countries
The aim of this report is to increase the knowledge in the distribution of the mosquito species of Misiones Province, from the survey of natural and artificial larval habitats in the vicinity of Iguazu and Mocona Falls.