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For more information on Idaho apples and cherries, call executive director Candi Fitch at 208-722-5111, email-cbfitch@cableone.
Sidney Hamilton, left, and Marcus Carr of Cal State Northridge go to the floor to contest possession of the ball with Bethuel Fletcher of Idaho.
Ballet Idaho, in its various incarnations, is older than the Eugene company.
Meanwhile, a lawyer in Coeur d'Alene has asked the Idaho Judicial Council, which oversees the state's judges, to investigate the matter.
Finally, the Statement of Purpose in the new law states, "the bill strengthens the ability of Idaho to require out-of-state retailers, particularly mail order and Internet marketers to collect Idaho Sales tax, [and] adds language to insure the Act reaches the full extent of Idaho's constitutional power"
It didn't take Brailsford long to trace the document back to its source: the Idaho National Guard.
In June 1993, Johansen received a bid solicitation from E G & G Idaho Inc.
Bold new graphics and rich colors give the site a rustic yet elegant theme coinciding with Idaho Wine Country's unique atmosphere.
Agriculture and food production have been the bedrock of Idaho for generations.
When I first met Gus Van Sant in the mid 1980s, My Own Private Idaho was his dream project, almost utopian in design, for its unabashed (and at that point unprecedented) portrayal of same-sex love.
The Idaho "loonies" had successfully guided their resolution through the resolutions committee and were delighted when the full convention adopted it without debate.
The water resource of Idaho has been a major factor in ldaho=s strong economy.
POCATELLO, Idaho - All Cal State Northridge needed was killer instinct.
BOISE, Idaho -- Verizon Wireless customers in Idaho can now access e-mail, corporate data, the Internet and more at faster speeds, and upload files five to six times faster than before as Verizon Wireless rolls out the next-generation of its high-speed broadband network in Boise, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Rexburg.