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ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick

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Made from balsa wood, dishcloths, felt, icy pole and matchsticks and plastic, all recycled here to astonishing effect.
As we've come to expect from the BBC's natural history output, it's magnificently filmed and insightfully narrated, and will ensure that you never look at the icy poles in the same way again.
And from microbes to whales, icy poles to the warm tropics - via tidal shores to the deepest dark depths, the census revealed what, where, and how much life resides in our oceans.
The school canteen sold icy poles, so why not replace these with 100% frozen citrus juice.
They are in fact called icy poles in Australia and lollies are apparently sweets.
CFCs released before the ban have hovered above Earth's icy poles for decades before finally breaking down.
If the warming trend continues, scientists say, the world's food chain could be disrupted far beyond Earth's icy poles.