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ice resembling a pendent spear, formed by the freezing of dripping water

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During the two-hour journey from Sofia Airport to Bulgaria''s oldest ski resort, Borovets, we drive through suburbs with icicled washing hanging out on lines in temperatures of minus 10, before winding through towering trees and mountains.
Icicled creeks are nearly drifted over with white, and the trees are so heavily laden with snow that to brush against a bough is to invite a featherweight avalanche from above.
Holding leaky nozzles, fingers frozen inside icicled mittens, they skilfully guide a stream of water that steams as it hits the ice in -40[degrees] darkness.
The Marxist called out "Skol," dug a bottle of Bristol Cream out of the icebox, and tramped out through the snow to his icicled cabin, where he collapsed, with the doomed intention of reading, on the Chinese rug with his feet warming at the fireplace.
Beside the monument are ancient canons, on a summer day a climbing place for children but today drifted and icicled, pointing out across the blue-gray flow of the Hudson River and the sunrise-pinked Palisades.