Icelandic krona

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the basic unit of money in Iceland

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5% of those inteviewed said they were in favour of replacing their currency with the euro, whereas the Icelandic krona has depreciated strongly due to the financial crisis.
Icelandic krona has suffered a recent devaluation, so visitors exchanging currency receive twice as much for their dollars than they would have at this time last year.
The central bank said that the loan significantly bolsters its foreign exchange reserves and thus underpins the stability of the exchange rate of the Icelandic krona.
The company made a profit of over 1,000-million Icelandic krona in the first half of 2005 on a turnover of 11,600-million krona.
FL denied that the sale of its stake in Easyjet was due to problems in the Icelandic economy, which have led to higher interest rates and the devaluation of the Icelandic krona.
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