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a native or inhabitant of Iceland

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Icelanders are passionate about their volcanic island in the harsh North Atlantic.
In a relevant development in July 2014, Zarif and Icelander Ambassador to Tehran Gonar Pulsen voiced their countries' enthusiasm for promoting relations in all domains.
Beaten three and a half lengths at the finish, Icelander travelled nicely but took a wide route which probably cost him valuable ground.
Through his consciousness, from infancy through maturity, Arnason provides us with an overview of the history of Icelanders in Manitoba: the early difficulties when smallpox struck the New Iceland settlement and decimated nearby Indian settlements; the fileting and preparation of fish for market in Gimli; work on the railways and sewers and construction of apartment blocks in Winnipeg; life in the Winnipeg Hats, in seedy side-streets, as well as in affluent homes.
The Young Icelander begins as Eirikur Hansson arrives in Canada in 1875 with his grandparents.
Icelanders, therefore, use their first, middle and last names, and frequently refer to themselves by only their first and middle names.
Icelander Thordarson says he is planning to assemble a slimmer and more competitive squad to help the Railwaymen stage a swift return to League One.
Most intriguing, however, is the multi-tracked virtuoso vocal on a cover of Joga - a song written by enigmatic Icelander Bjork and fellow countryman Sigur Ros.
One of the few works that toyed ironically with the unified view of Nordic identity was by the Icelander Ragnar Kjartansson.
Travelling round the country, as the first Icelander to explore his own land from a scientific perspective, Jonas ruined his health and gained a scandalous reputation for drinking which blocked his later progress.
He is a local legend among the Icelandic community (the largest collection of Icelanders outside of Iceland) as the man responsible for making Snow White an Icelander.
In 982, an Icelander, Erik Thorvaldson (10th century) (usually called Erik the Red from the color of his hair) was sent into a three-year exile for some reason and used it to explore westward.
The Icelander yesterday tweeted: "Thanks for all the messages folks, I am OK and will be alright
I MADE DIG I'd SACRIFICE KARI ARNASON knew Plymouth's financial meltdown had hit home when the club's top earner was so skint he needed the Icelander to put a roof over his head.
Icelander Hreidarsson, part of the Palace team relegated from the Premier League in 1998, said: "Of course I want to win the game but I do not want Palace to go down.