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Highly compact, Iberis sempervirens flower over a long period, from May to September, and are known for attracting bees and butterflies.
IberisbreaksMagiquespell Dr Catherine Wills's home-bred filly Iberis give her a welcome winner in Britain as Ian Mongan pushed her out to beat odds-on favourite Magique in the 7f fillies' maiden.
Iberogast is a multi-component formulation of 9 herbal extracts namely Iberis amara, Angelica archangelica, Matricaria recutita, Carum carvi, Silybum marianum, Melissa officinalis, Mentha x piperita, Chelidonium majus and Glycyrrhiza glabra.
So, if you have Alyssums, Iberis, Heuchera, hardy Geraniums or Aubretia that have not had a good trim yet, now is a really good time to cut them back to remove old flowering stems and some of the older foliage - they will respond within a week or two.
Nigella, clarkia, cornflower and iberis will flower all summer.
3 The hardiest annuals can be sown now to over-winter in the bed, for example Centaurea, Delphinium, Iberis and Poppy.
Control of corolla monosymmetry in the Brassicaceae Iberis amara.
harra by Hashem and Saleh (1999), and from the genera Brassica, Cheiranthus, Farsetia, Hesperis, Iberis, Matthiola and Vesicaria.
Other ornamental plants found tucked away in the background of this vast family include such springtime delights as arabis, aubretia, the Cuckoo-flower, Cardamine pratensis, honesty, Lunaria annua and a little later, the candytuft, Iberis and the beautifully scented Hesperis matronalis, Dame's violet or sweet rocket.
It might just be that the whitest flowers in the world grow on the evergreen candytuft, Iberis sempervirens.
M LITTLE WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON HI, This is Iberis sempervirens, otherwise known as perennial candytuft.
Its components are an aqueous-ethanolic fresh plant extract from Iberis amara totalis and drug extracts from peppermint leaves (Menthae piperitae folium), chamomile flower (Matricariae flos), liquorice root (Liquiritiae radix).