Iberian Peninsula

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The Early Neolithic in the Iberian Peninsula and the western Mediterranean: a review of the evidence on migration.
Spread of new variant of RHDV in domestic rabbits on the Iberian Peninsula.
Chief among the factors that instigated this cultural change was the increased contact between the Iberian Peninsula and regions as close as neighboring Italy and as distant as the Americas.
Three groups of Jews on the Iberian Peninsula converted to Christianity in different places and at different times.
The two crustaceans seem to be endemic to the Iberian Peninsula.
This volume, picturesquely entitled 'The herds of Gereon' and with a picture of a contented-looking flock of sheep on the cover, contains the proceedings of a conference held in the Casa de Velazquez in Madrid in i996, which was intended in the best Annales-inspired manner to take a look at the long-term role and functioning of transhumance and the pastoral economy in the Iberian Peninsula.
Exhibition and Conference for the Iberian Peninsula
The cold weather on the Iberian peninsula has also affected prospects for green vegetable crops, particularly Iceberg lettuce.
based Da/Si Tours, which specializes in trips to Spain and the Iberian Peninsula for upscale gay clientele, dropped slightly after September 11 but then picked up again immediately after the new year.
Kids' primetime cabler Locomotion, serving animation fans throughout Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, has launched Locomotion.
Though a number of the contributors successfully apply in the Spanish context approaches that have proved useful elsewhere, some of these pieces offer historical insights that will undoubtedly inform research and analysis on women's history and gender construction well beyond the Iberian peninsula.
2 million tonnes per year, it will be the largest polyolefin company on the Iberian Peninsula.
After his participation in Documenta X ("Cassettes pour Kassel") and a recent exhibition in a Parisian gallery ("Castelli, les Jardineries du Sud"), Raymond Hains is showing new work inspired by his travels around the Iberian Peninsula.
Perhaps his best-known work is The Stone Raft in which the Iberian Peninsula breaks off from Europe for supernatural reasons and floats off into the Atlantic.
Names like Nacho Duato, Joaquin Cortes, Victor Ullate, Maria Pages, Antonio Canales, and Angel Corella are renewing the international dance public's acquaintance with the Iberian peninsula.