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a native or inhabitant of Iberia in the Caucasus

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a native or inhabitant of the Iberian Peninsula (especially in ancient times)

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Paul O'Donoghue, chief scientific adviser of the Lynx UK Trust, said the success of the Iberian lynx project showed that the animals were "perfectly able to co-exist with humans in modern Europe".
The final, and largest, section of the volume is devoted to the first millennium BC, a period for which we have the first written accounts of the Iberian Peninsula.
Since 2012, the new variant of RHDV has been detected in most rabbit farms in Spain (6), and in several wild populations distributed across Spain and Portugal (7), suggesting that it has rapidly spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula.
In addition to the VIP Packages, Iberian Traveler's Sanfermin Tours offers both Basic and Standard Hotel Packages from the 5th through the 14th of July.
CAF will also offer its support through non-refundable technical cooperation through a number of Latin American-Iberian joint venture programs, such as studies on the development and strengthening of Ibero American clusters; a talent exchange program between Latin America, Spain and Portugal; and an investment promotion program for Multi-Latinas in the Iberian Peninsula, in order to turn them into "Multi-Ibero American.
At the center of the above explained common ground, the scholarship presented in New Trends in Iberian Galician Comparative Literature is intended to introduce and share the state of comparativist research in Galicia aimed at a global readership.
programs flushed out in view of their background; of job candidates handicapped by their training; of colleagues who deliberately confuse Catalan culture with nationalism, thus politicizing the expression of one of the key Iberian cultures in zealous vigilance over the legitimate idols.
The researchers analysed the characteristics of the conodont remains they found, the presence of certain species, and the absence of others, and compared these with others of a similar age found in the macizo iberico (essentially the western half of the Iberian Peninsula) and other ranges in the area.
Established in 2007 as a result of the merger between Saprogal and Pascual de Aranda, Nuter Nutricion Animal is a leading feed producer in the Iberian peninsula.
AaAa The civilisational model that prevailed in the Iberian Peninsula, during the Arab presence in the region, was unique because of the impact it had on the civilisational systems prevailing at the time, Benaissa said.
Dying in the Law of Moses: Crypto-Jewish Martyrdom in the Iberian World.
LIVERPOOL FC may be filling their squad with Spaniards but according to Nike the entire city is turning Iberian.
Mendia Licensing will oversee all sales, retail, merchandising and marketing of "THE 99" in Iberian Europe, important territories that have terrific potential for growth for THE 99 brand.
LLC has named CARLOS ABRANTES as its senior vice president of operations in the Iberian region, according to a company statement.
BJARNE Skov Poulsen from Denmark would like to contact anyone who was on board the Iberian Coast in December 1954.