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an ancient geographical region to the south of the Caucasus Mountains that corresponded approximately to the present-day Georgia

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The review of BA's holding comes a month after Iberia said private equity group TPG had sought information with a view to making a full offer.
Iberia Airlines of Spain is an international air transport group that has been in business since 1927.
Iberia s Maintenance Engine Workshop is one of the four facilities in Europe allowed to execute complete overhauls of this engine.
Iberia Foods also offers seasonings and other condiments including great canned seafood from Spain, canned meats, grains.
The Iberia facility is expected to begin servicing GG8 gas generators before the end of the year.
SEPLA has announced that its pilots will strike every Monday and Friday for fifteen consecutive weeks from April 19 until July 20, after Iberia Express began flights on Sunday.
Iberia Express will operate part of the Spanish carrier's short and medium haul network and is being established to compete effectively in the Spanish domestic and European market.
British Airways and Iberia have agreed to merge creating the third largest airline in the world.
Summary: British Airways (BA) and Spain's Iberia announced Thursday a preliminary agreement for a $7 billion merger, to create the world's third-largest airline by revenue.
British Airways (BA) and Iberia held talks at the end of July with a view to an all-share merger between the two companies.
THE boss of British Airways has not ruled out making a bid for Spain's national flag carrier Iberia, it was revealed yesterday.
BRITISH Airways has said it is no longer involved in plans for a takeover of Spain's Iberia, the fourth-largest airline in Europe.
BRITISH AIRWAYS has confirmed its involvement in a consortium looking to buy Spain's Iberia airline.
The irregularities began in late 1990 after only one consortium headed by Iberia made an offer for 85% of the carrier's stock.