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a verse line having five metrical feet

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Zoe Wanamaker, who has performed in dozens of the bard's plays, said 'I don't know really what iambic pentameter is.
SHAKESPEARE can be confusing at the best of times with cross-dressing characters, olde English and iambic pentameter but the RSC - that is Reduced Shakespeare Company - aim to make everything easier.
For many, a sentence containing the words "Shakespeare" and "university" brings to mind nightmares of long monologues in iambic pentameter and tedious essays on symbolism.
There's a logic to that iambic pentameter that starts to grow like a second skin.
With just a marker and some creativity, you can transform today's front page into iambic pentameter, a haiku, and possibly even a limerick.
When all those elements come together, the result is a beautiful language that elicits a powerful response, with a vocabulary of steps that is its own iambic pentameter, verse or prose-and each dancer a different accent.
I partly cover for the ladder deficiency with a rhythmic iambic pentameter title.
Hearing the majestic iambic pentameter rendered in the sharply rising and falling cadences of colloquial Yiddish proves wackily charming, but the lack of correlation between the two plots makes the result feel unfocused.
Or imagine Shakespeare sitting in his now empty chair, pondering iambic pentameter, while you're on a tour of his house in Stratford.
FITCHBURG - Teaching toddlers iambic pentameter through verse may seem like a stretch, but Sally H.
I've taught Assumptions (1985) in graduate seminars in the eighties; floated in the sonnet boats of Love, Death and the Changing Seasons (1995); experienced political solidarity reading Desesperanto (2005); and quoted for students her ironically all-American examples of iambic pentameter lines: "a double burger and a side of fries"; or, if you prefer, "a glass of California Chardonnay.
Browning's poem is a sonnet, in its strict traditional form; the sonnet has certain structure, which can be summarized as follow: Fourteen lines, three quatrains, and a couplet, rhythm, iambic pentameter etc.
On Thursday, speaking to a group of about 40 senior students at Van Nuys High, actors Stephen Rockwell and Lenne Klingaman explained the plot of Shakespeare's comedy "Much Ado About Nothing" while also teaching students about the difference between prose and verse and briefly explaining iambic pentameter.
Whether I was writing my own rendition of Cinderella, creating a sonnet in iambic pentameter, or learning to appreciate the romanticism in Frankenstein, this teacher has been on call and ready to discuss my work.
He covers intonation and meter, iambic pentameter in the lyrics of Surrey and Sidney as the 16th-century background, John Donne, Ben Jonson, and their successors.