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very high frequency sound

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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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Table 16: US IVUS Procedure Market by Company (2007-2010):
By including IVUS cables in every Innova installation, the infrastructure is installed during the lab's build-out to allow full integration of IVUS into the interventional lab, should a customer choose to purchase the Innova IVUS system from GE Healthcare.
In an effort to continue the successful launch of the s5i integrated IVUS system in the US and Europe, Volcano has announced full market release of the s5i Touchpad controller.
Scott Huennekens, President & CEO of Volcano Corporation, commented, "We are thrilled with the successful launch of our VH IVUS technology.
With integrated IVUS, however, EndoSonics believes that the dosing can be targeted to offset this disadvantage.
Akira Yamamoto, President of Goodman, added, "We are very excited to expand our distribution agreement with Volcano beyond Functional Measurement products to include Volcano's IVUS products and exciting next generation IVUS technologies.
Finally, we believe that the richness of the information provided by our IVUS is critical to the continuing evolution of minimally invasive medicine, including the combination and integration of IVUS with therapeutic devices on a single catheter -- bringing physicians and patients the ultimate in fast procedure time, optimal results and better medicine.
Additionally, preliminary findings of the initial registry studies of the Virtual Histology(TM) IVUS technology will be discussed in the Main Arena during the live cases on Monday, September 15th, 2003.
There is an enormous amount of clinical and technology synergy between IVUS and HP's core echocardiography business.
These new codes include IVUS for both one vessel and then subsequent vessels.
Peter Fitzgerald, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Engineering and Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Technology at Stanford University commented, "I believe that IVUS guidance improves patient outcomes when used as part of routine stenting technique.
Owing to the benefits provided by the IVUS technology in the medical field, the IVUS market has shown increasing growth in the past years.
GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) and Volcano Corporation (NASDAQ: VOLC) today announced the completion of the first commercial installation of Innova IVUS at PinnacleHealth Heart and Vascular Institute at Harrisburg Hospital in Harrisburg, PA.
Increasing Application of IVUS in Stent Deployment and Assessment II-15
It is made possible, in part, due to Volcano's latest PC-based IVUS platform that reduces the size, weight and noise of the IVUS console, allowing the unit to be located in the control room or in other areas outside of the daily traffic pattern of the cath lab.