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very high frequency sound

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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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As part of the s5-Revo and s5-FFR market introduction, Volcano is also launching Volcano TLC, a comprehensive on-site education program available to current and future Volcano customers, targeted to increase IVUS and FFR awareness and build staff proficiency with these new integrated systems.
Hodgson will deliver a 90-minute presentation and case review highlighting the essential role of IVUS and FFR in determining lesion severity and guiding proper stent placement and expansion entitled "IVUS and FFR: More Important than Ever.
Ron Waxman, MD at the Washington Hospital Center added, "We recently performed an analysis of 7,000 patients at our center and concluded that the incorporation of IVUS guidance into everyday PCI procedures can reduce the patient risk of stent thrombosis by a statistically significant margin.
The s5i is Volcano's first IVUS system that can be integrated into new or existing cath labs.
InfraReDx launched the LipiScan IVUS system in September 2010 after receiving U.
In a single catheter pullback, the LipiScan IVUS provides physicians with a traditional IVUS image that clearly displays key structural parameters of the lesion, including its location, length and degree of stenosis, in addition to confirming proper stent placement.
One of the major issues in the IVUS industry is its high pricing and lack of reimbursement facilities.
In association with analyzing the global IVUS market, the current report also discusses the major regional markets, including Japan, US, and Europe.
The LipiScan IVUS system is an important new intravascular imaging tool that will be of immediate value to interventional cardiologists for the diagnosis and management of their patients," said Patrick W.
The report analyzes the IVUS market looking at the market from global as well as regional perspective.
Rajesh Dave, MD, Chairman of Endovascular Medicine at PinnacleHealth Heart and Vascular Institute said, "Volcano's novel IVUS features such as automatic border detection and VH[TM] IVUS plaque composition analysis result in faster IVUS results with more actionable information than was previously available with IVUS.
We believe this fully integrated product will shorten procedure time that has been historically associated with IVUS and provide clinicians with easier access to important information provided by IVUS.
In the PROSPECT trial, Volcano's conventional IVUS technology and groundbreaking IVUS-based plaque composition technology(a) will be utilized to collect data from the main three coronary arteries.
With integrated IVUS, however, EndoSonics believes that the dosing can be targeted to offset this disadvantage.