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Synonyms for IVP

X-ray picture of the kidneys and ureters after injection of a radiopaque dye

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performing pyelography with intravenous injection of a contrast medium

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The collaboration between SBI and IVP is expected to bring in increased funding opportunities not only for the Philippines but also for other Asian countries.
In Florida, IVP works to accomplish this mission through the assistance of many Florida bar members and strong partnerships with voluntary bar associations.
Pending IVP regulations could require operators to hydrotest those pipelines in an HCA that did not have a post-construction hydrotest and are operating above 20% SMYS.
About 5,000 miles of ETP's total 18,000 would fall under the IVP rule.
In this prospective study, we aimed to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of radiological diagnostic methods like IVP and abdominal USG with the urinary biomarkers; NMP22 and NMP22 BladderChek[R] in combination with voided urine cytology for patients with microscopic hematuria in the diagnosis of bladder cancer.
The occurrence of LOS appears to be intrinsic to the conceptus, having a worldwide distribution, with most laboratories producing IVP embryos having experienced the phenomenon.
Contact: IVP Integrated Vision Products, tel: +46 1336 2121
Additionally IVP must still be done regardless of what ultrasound shows, said Dr.
In addition, serum serves as a coating agent and as a mechanism to prevent toxic effects from media and supplies used for IVP.
In contrast, IVP failed to detect stones in a third of the patients with stones, and 44% of the negative readings were false-negatives.
Companies IVP helped to fund include Excite, Ask Jeeves, Bay Network, LSI Logic, Seagate, and Sequent.
com, while IVP has investments in Seagate Technologies Inc and Excite Inc.
Sprint is also joining AT&T and MCI in establishing IVP network services with Mexico's PTT, Telmex.