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The ISMS can also aid seismologists by establishing high-quality monitoring stations in South America, Africa, and other parts of the world underrepresented in existing networks.
Failing to acknowledge that we are all racist, sexist, heterosexist and so on, simply because that was how we were socialized, also continues to diminish our ability to unlearn these isms.
In any given class, there are likely to be students taking the isms very personally, as my student had.
Cognio's ISMS solutions represent the only next-generation spectrum-analysis solutions custom designed to solve the problems faced during Wi-Fi deployments with a friendly, easy-to-use interface for IT managers.
Cognio's ISMS delivers direct ROI through equipment cost savings, better network uptime and more predictable bandwidth availability.
ISMS Shield is a stand-alone product that can be easily integrated with Comverse's Intelligent Short Message Service Center (ISMSC) or any other SMS system using standard interfaces.
Comverse ISMS Accelerate either can intercept these SMS-TV messages and transfer them directly to the relevant application without storing them in the SMSC, or direct them to one or more SMSCs according to load share routing tables.
The new release of iSMS provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with a common architecture that includes: Service catalog, Service provisioning and metering, Service Level Management and IT cost allocation and billing.
The ISM Development Kit allows customers to create advanced software packages in the form of ISMs that comply with IT policies and security requirements.
Using the Opsware System's automated provisioning and configuration capabilities and the new Tivoli Enterprise ISM, customers using Tivoli can automatically deploy, configure and optimize the Tivoli Management Agent across hundreds of servers simultaneously.
ISMs bundle software, configuration and control logic, and documentation to provide the operations intelligence needed to manage the complex tasks of provisioning, deploying, configuring and modifying servers and applications.
LOS ANGELES -- STM Records, LLC [STM] has partnered with Mobilize, LLC to reach and interact with ism fans during this year's 2006 CMJ Music Marathon held in New York City.
That's just one of the powerful philosophical questions explored by the New York based band ism on their stunning STM Records debut "Monkey Underneath," a collection that, perhaps more than any other album of the modern rock generation, artfully blends intellectual yet relatable lyrical concepts with a brilliant weaving of melodic rock, electronica, trip-hop and industrial elements.
Today ISM and ProClarity, an award-winning provider of enterprise analytic solutions, announced the first enterprise performance management and balanced scorecard solution designed specifically for Microsoft(R) SQL Server 2000(TM) Analysis Services.