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Foi observado o indice de passa/falha no 1 teste realizado com os RN com ou sem IRDA.
A Razao de Chances (OR) mostra que a chance de passar com IRDA sao menores do que a chance de passar sem IRDA (chance de passar com IRDA sao 283/96 = 2,94 e a chance de passar sem IRDA e 1549/406 = 3,81).
According to media reports, IRDA has urged for revision in the tax reforms proposed in the budget, in order to make insurance accessible for middle-aged and senior citizens.
It had also proposed a joint commission comprising the Finance Minister as Chairperson and RBI Governor as Vice Chairman, Secretary in the Department of Economic Affairs, Secretary (Financial Services) and the heads of stock market, insurance, banking and pension fund regulators - SEBI, IRDA, RBI and PFRDA - as members.
As both Houses of Parliament were not in session and immediate action was required to be taken, the President promulgated the Securities and Insurance Laws (Amendment and Validation) Ordinance, 2010 on the 18th June, 2010" to resolve differences between two regulators, SEBI and IRDA, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said while introducing the Bill.
The IRDA, in a different order, has fined Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd to the tune of ?
IRDA has also made it mandatory that charges on Ulips are mandated to be evenly distributed during the lock- in period, to ensure that the high front- ending of expenses is eliminated.
IRDA has also stipulated that all Ulip pension/ annuity products shall offer a minimum guaranteed return of 4.
On Tuesday IRDA had cancelled the licenses of 4,261 corporate agents after they failed to renew their licenses in time.
Out of the 7,000 agents, IRDA withdrew licenses of 4,261 agents, as they failed to renew them by March 31 this year," he informed.
IRDA has issued IRDA Regulations 2002 (Obligations of Insurers to Rural and Social Sectors), in which every life insurer will have to meet the standards towards its compulsions (percentage of policies on the total number of policies written direct in that year) covering both rural and social sector.
IRDA has also given a concession to insurance companies by excluding the charges levied by them on their customers for incidents like death and disability from the overall limit on charges on their unit- linked insurance policy ( ULIP) schemes.
IRDA Chairman J Hari Narayan's order stated that, .
Indian insurance regulator, IRDA, is evaluating the bancassurance model of insurance sales after it received complaints about banks miss-selling insurance policies.
India's insurance sector regulator, IRDA, is considering whether to allow banks to partner with more than two insurance firms.