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a rocket-propelled missile whose path can be controlled during flight either by radio signals or by internal homing devices

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Embassy in Italy to Department of State-Subject: Deployment of IRBMs in Italy, October 7, 1958, Document 480, NSA, Non-Proliferation; Telegram from Thurston to the Secretary of State, January 12, 1959, Document 511, NSA, Non-Proliferation; Memorandum-Subject: Political Considerations in Deployment of IRBM's to Greece and Turkey, February 2, 1959, Document 522, NSA, Non-Proliferation; Memorandum for the President-Subject: Completion and Announcement of IRBM Agreement with Turkey during Khrushchev Visit, September 16, 1959, Document 589, NSA, Non-Proliferation; John Newhouse, War and Peace in the Nuclear Age (New York: Knopf, 1989), p.
A framework for social learning is proposed to adopt into existing organizational network for IRBM in LRB.
5 km/sec interceptor employed against an IRBM from Iran threatening Rome.
We wanted to achieve better data throughput in our networks than could be achieved with a router's default QoS mechanism without resorting to increasing the bandwidth between our branch offices," said Suhaini bin Jusoh, principal assistant director at IRBM.
Derived from Orbital's air-launched Pegasus vehicle, the IRBM target is a multi-stage vehicle that will be air-launched from a standard C-17 cargo aircraft via a parachute extraction system, providing MDA with increased flexibility in testing its Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS).
Any IRBM that did not grow naturally out of the ICBMs might divert critical resources from ' the ICBM developments.
ATK's SDACS System Integral to Successful Standard Missile Intercept of Separating IRBM
Sputnik drove the US military "roles and missions" debate, and led to the decision to strip the Army of its role in the IRBM and ICBM programs (ironically, the Army had the nation's best structured and most advanced space R&D effort, led by the book's second strong character, Gen John B.
Similarly, not until page 82 does the author acknowledge the Thor IRBM as belonging to the Air Force, but muddies the subject by labeling Thor as "undistinguished.
Bove has played a pivotal role in various international licensing and mergers and acquisitions transactions, including the formation of IRBM.
It also has formed a research joint venture equally owned with Merck Sharp & Dohme, IRBM S.
The first ICBM--the Air Force's Atlas--is erroneously lumped with the Army's Jupiter-C--an IRBM.
With Block IB, the Navy will gain the ability to defend against short- and medium-range missiles and some IRBMs.
Liquid-fueled missiles, of a class with the Atlas, Jupiter, and Thor IRBMs, and Titan ICBMs developed in the early to mid-1950s, were cumbersome, expensive, and volatile.
30) Although the precise size of this missile complement in Iranian arsenals is unknown, conservative estimates drawn up following the tripling of Iran's stock of IRBMs in 2008 suggest a total of between 100 and 150 operational Shahab-3 systems, each capable of carrying high explosives (HE), chemical agents or submunitions.