radiation therapy

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(medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance

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With IORT, the x-ray source is inserted into a flexible balloon-shaped applicator, then temporarily placed inside the lumpectomy cavity for the duration of the treatment, which can last as little as eight minutes.
When used for IORT, the Xoft System delivers a single, prescribed, targeted dose of isotope- free radiation eliminating the need for a shielded treatment environment.
Because it is a stronger dose of radiation, IORT may also allow patients who traditionally would have undergone a full mastectomy (complete removal of the breast) to opt for a mastectomy that leaves the nipple and areola intact, which could enable more successful reconstructive surgery.
The payment value for IORT treatment delivery in the Final Rule is more than twice the value included in the Proposed Rule released by CMS in July 2012.
We are in the early adoption phase of electronic brachytherapy and believe that there is significant room for growth in breast IORT and skin cancer treatment in addition to new areas in the future.
8220;For some women, IORT eliminates the need for six weeks of radiation therapy after surgery.
The continued adoption of the Xoft System emphasizes that it is increasingly being used nationwide, in large and small communities, at large and small hospitals and underscores the growing demand for IORT and other electronic brachytherapy treatments.
Balloon applicator sales, which are used primarily with breast IORT, set a record with 161 units sold in the second quarter and 286 units sold during the first half of 2012.
The guarantee for participation is presented in the selection of participants in the form of a bank guarantee - original or a sum of money paid into the bank account of the NRA Varna IBAN BG39 IORT 7377 3300 3650 03, BIC IORTBGSF, "Investbank" AD-Varna.
The Xoft system can also be used for IORT, which delivers a single prescribed, targeted dose of radiation during surgery directly to the tumor cavity.
This momentum underscores our confidence that IORT will continue to gain acceptance as a new standard of care particularly for certain early stage breast cancer patients.
By adopting the Xoft system for IORT we can now offer our patients the option of receiving a full dose of radiation therapy in the operating room during their lumpectomy, allowing minimal disruption to our patients' active lives," said Kristi Funk, MD, Founder, Pink Lotus Breast Center.
and / Monetary amount deposited in the bank account of the Municipality of Plovdiv "Investbank" AD - Plovdiv Branch, IBAN BG 57 IORT 73753302000003, BIC IORTBGSF, or
This study will enable users of the Xoft System to treat patients with suitable early stage breast cancer under a standardized IORT protocol and follow long-term patient outcomes in a controlled manner.
In September 2011, new reimbursement codes for IORT were assigned by the American Medical Association.