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an agency that is the primary source in the State Department for interpretive analyses of global developments and focal point for policy issues and activities of the Intelligence Community

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Invented by Kirkwood [21] in an effort to consistently record prothrombin ratios, the INR is the ratio of patient's prothrombin time (PT) divided by the mean normal PT raised to the power of the International Sensitivity Index (ISI).
Delta INR (AINR) was defined as the pre-transfusion INR minus the post-transfusion INR.
In addition, as of September 30, 2015, Viom had approximately INR 58bn of INR-denominated debt outstanding.
A total of 144 patients (61%) had subtherapeutic INR levels (<2.
After reviewing all of the medical evidence on point-of-care INR testing for patients taking warfarin, an expert panel agreed that point-of-care INR testing is accurate.
India Toothbrush Market Size on the Basis of Revenue in INR Million
Los pacientes se recolectaron de la base de datos de la clinica y se incluyeron la totalidad de los INR documentados en la historia y los resultados de INR tomados en el laboratorio del HUFSFB que no estuviesen reportados en la historia clinica.
The print sector revenues are expected to increase at over 9 percent CAGR to reach 331 billion INR in 2017 from 212 billion INR in 2012.
In one study of patients on warfarin who received 2 g or 4 g of acetaminophen or placebo, 54% of patients on acetaminophen overshot their INR goal, compared with 17% on placebo (Pharmacotherapy 2007;27:675-83).
THE DEFENSE The INR level was normal at the posthospital visit.
Eric Hasham, CEO of DGCX, said: "The provision of an Indian rupee options contract will enable us to build on the exceptional volume growth achieved by our Indian Rupee futures contract over the last 12 months and meet member demand to further strengthen our INR offering".
My tenure with the INR Watch encompassed the Iranian hostage crisis, when watch officers provided intelligence support for the Department task force, a role that took on special meaning for those of us with friends among the hostages.
Since the introduction of the WHO INR scheme, the original manually derived PT scheme has been replaced almost universally by automated methods.
These findings support the superiority of 150mg dabigatran twice daily and the non-inferiority of 110mg dabigatran twice daily versus warfarin for protection against stroke in atrial fibrillation irrespective of the quality of INR control that a centre can achieve," said Professor Lars Wallentin, Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Uppsala University, Sweden.