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a radical terrorist group dedicated to the removal of British forces from Northern Ireland and the unification of Ireland

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Recommending a public inquiry into his murder, Judge Cory said the prison authorities were aware Wright had been the target of a murder attempt in Maghaberry Prison by the INLA in the spring of 1997 - yet still put the same plotters just yards from Wright.
And he told coroner John Leckey: "The INLA and the LVF sharing a block was a recipe for disaster.
The Americans certainly seemed to have something like that in mind when on 15 April, after bombing INLA camps several times and killing up to 50 fighters, they declared a cease-fire with the movement.
THE INLA are at loggerheads with the Ardoyne Fleadh committee after they presented Sinn Fein negotiator Gerry Kelly with a new watch.
Mr Joseph Flanaghan, one of the warders, also described how the rival INLA and LVF prisoners were taunting each other.
The Irish Republican Socialist Party - the political branch of the INLA - has been sending out a series of highly-charged statements in recent days.
The INLA was responsible for around 120 murders, including that of Tory politician Airey Neave, who was killed in an explosion set by the INLA in the car park at the British House of Commons.
It emerged last week that the attack had been given the green light by INLA bosses.
A new book, Billy Boy, by journalist Chris Anderson, claims the authorities colluded with the INLA to kill Wright who was regarded as a danger to the peace process.
The INLA cease-fire has proved leaky at best, reflecting the group's rival factions in Dublin and Belfast and its deep involvement in a range of criminal rackets, including drugs, counterfeit goods and smuggled cigarettes.
Deputy leader of the nationalist SDLP Alasdair McDonnell said the INLA decision and the continued American support for the peace process reflected the wishes of the people.
Confirming the INLA move is likely to be their final act.
Fellow INLA member Joseph Magee was jailed in 2004 after pleading guilty to Sgt Newman's murder.
Four months ago, the INLA used a graveside oration outside Dublin to confirm its "armed struggle is over" and vowed to end its 35-year campaign of violence.
THE INLA has decommissioned its weaponry, the terror group announced yesterday.