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the United Nations agency concerned with international maritime activities

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India has been one of the earliest members of the IMO, having ratified its Convention and joined it as a member-state in the year 1959.
He also stressed Iran's readiness to promote cooperation with IMO.
According to reports published in international media, the Secretary General of the IMO Koji Sekimizu is expected to step down next year, and apart from Cyprus, Denmark, Panama and Mexico are also expected to propose candidates for the position.
Forward thinking providers who are already set for implementation can use this extension to further refine their processes with IMO such as leveraging IMO's assistance with Meaningful Use," said Bac Palomo, CFO and Executive Vice-President.
Pakistani delegation led by the Minister for Ports and Shipping participated in 28th session of IMO Assembly.
The IMO also called for better patient services to ensure same-day appointments.
Tom Fearn, Digital Partner at IMO, said: “Bristan has been quick to recognise that making meaningful connections is the future.
The IMO confirmed last night his tenure will be probed in an independent retrospective review.
He said that Bahrain has always endeavored to support the IMO in all of its initiatives to raise global safety and environmental standards.
Because of the difficulty in interpreting such a subjective scale, coupled with the fact that antifouling paints have never been subjected to such a system, the IMO did not incorporate performance standards into the international guidelines.
The course highlights the significance of internal and external auditors taking responsibility for assessing the effectiveness of implementing IMO instruments in their respective countries.
The General Organisation of Sea Ports (GOP) welcomed delegates for a five-day regional training course designed to promote consistent and effective implementation of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) instruments under the Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme (VIMSAS).
lt;p>Al-Wazir told Saba that the meeting, which lasted for 2 weeks, discussed a number of reports related to permanent committees of the IMO activities such as the Maritime Safety Committee, Maritime Environment Committee, Legal Committee and Technical Cooperation Committee.
IMO members have changed the 1996 London Protocol to the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter so CO2 can be stored in a "sub-seabed geological formation".