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the United Nations agency concerned with international maritime activities

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The Ship Recycling page also has links to an IMO article on ship recycling, to pages on the current guidelines for ship recycling, and to the website for the joint IMO/International Labour Organization/Basel Convention Working Group on Ship Scrapping.
This is the first cooperation agreement signed by a Ciserv company with IMO, and similar agreements would be signed by other Ciserv companies in other countries worldwide.
As the IMO convened environmental meetings the week of July 18, activists released the first-ever Environmental Report Card on the IMO giving it failing grades on air pollution, human health and climate change.
Hybridon recently evaluated its lead IMO product candidate in a phase 1 clinical trial in healthy volunteers.
Medicine contains complex subject matter that requires significant indexing and manipulation," said Andrew Kanter, physician and chief operating officer of IMO.
Through the years, the IMO Member States have pursued the development of the regulatory framework for a safe, environmentally-friendly and sustainable global maritime transport system.
Cusi sounded off he recognizes "the importance of implementing the IMO transition in accordance with the specified timeline," while stressing that "this has been overdue - it has been delayed for more than a decade.
Once the IMO takes over, Cusi said he will also exit as chairman of the PEMC board to make the market operator truly independent.
LONDON -- Mumtaz Ali Shah, Secretary Ports and Shipping Pakistan met with Mr Kitack Lim, Secretary General, International Maritime Organization (IMO), on the side lines of 118th Session of IMO Council on 27 July 2017.
He also reaffirmed the continuous support by the Cypriot representation to the efforts undertaken by Mr Sekimizu in promoting the triptych of the international commercial shipping (safety, security and environmental protection) for a sustainable sector, through the collaboration of all the IMO member countries.
Sekimizu has asked the Italian authorities to report their findings on the causes of the accident to the IMO as soon as possible and pledged that the IMO would take action as appropriate in the light of those findings.
In his address, Shaikh Daij said: "Bahrain is the proud signatory on a number of IMO conventions, and adheres strictly to the IMO standards and best practices that have been adopted, and have included several provisions in our new and modern Maritime Code, which is now in advanced stages of the legislative process.
MANAMA: The General Organisation of Sea Ports (GOP) yesterday opened a five-day regional training course designed to promote effective implementation of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) instruments under the Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme (VIMSAS).
The IMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.