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a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies

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Stiglitz's theorizing about these issues earned him the Nobel Prize in 2001 but was ignored by IMF ideologues.
By propping up Argentina, IMF lending muffled the incentives its leaders needed to get their fiscal house in order and institute market reforms that promote economic growth.
These rationales for the IMF continue to be important even if all countries have adopted flexible exchange rates,(1) Furthermore, despite the collapse of the formal international system of pegged exchange rates, many countries continued to peg their exchange rates.
By now, the G-20's IMF reform package has long since received legislative approval in practically all of the IMF's member countries.
Greece owes more than that to the IMF and other creditors in the months to come.
Lagarde emphasised that IMF is a global multilateral institution where countries like India must have bigger say.
Turning to Africa, Rice addressed an online question about a possible IMF loan to Ghana, saying "An IMF team plans to be in Ghana today February 19 until 26, with the objective of finalizing discussions with the authorities in several areas, including best policy response to recent decline in oil prices and other issues related to the economy.
It was a good chance for Egypt to attend this important annual meeting to clarify the situation to IMF and stop the false information spread about Egypt," he said.
Directors noted that collaboration between the IMF and the FSB would continue to be guided by each institution's mandate, with the IMF taking the lead on surveillance of the global financial system, and the FSB on regulatory and supervisory matters.
Called United Against Nuclear Iran, the anti-Iranian group also has been critical of IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde for meeting with CB governor during the recent IMF spring meeting last month in Washington.
The IMF said its account with Bank Markazi is simply related to Iran's membership in the IMF and does not contravene any sanctions on Tehran.
The country's Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Kosti Manibe Ngai signed the IMF's Articles of Agreement at a ceremony here in the presence of IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.
Summary: WASHINGTON - The International Monetary Fund is estimating it needs to raise up to $600 billion in new resources to lend to countries struggling with the fallout from the growing eurozone debt crisis, IMF sources said on Wednesday.
Islamabad, October 17, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Finance Secretary, Dr Waqar Masood has said that an IMF delegation will reach Islamabad on November 12 to review the financial condition of the country under Article IV.