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the most notorious and possibly the most important arm of Iraq's security system

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The IIS Portal offers an excellent opportunity to further evolve our partnership with investigators and IIS sponsors alike by establishing a global, single point of access to IIS submissions, and offering visibility into the submission status for all internal and external stakeholders.
At each of the selected schools EPIE's field researchers conducted extensive interviews: with teachers; the IIS lab manager(s); the principal, assistant principal or whoever oversaw use of the IIS; and a district-level administrator with general administrative responsibility for the IIS installation or who had been involved in the district's decision to purchase the system.
On the receiver side of digital radio, Fraunhofer IIS offers reference designs for complete radio modules.
Functional standards for IIS were developed in 2001 and revised in 2007.
The Fraunhofer IIS organization is part of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, based in Munich, Germany.
children aged <6 years (84%) participated in an IIS in 2011.
IIS will be offering a complete suite of advanced voice services to the Ring 9 user base.
In the 2010 IISAR, 38 (73%) of the 52 grantees that responded to VTrckS questions indicated their intention to use their IIS to interface with VTrckS.
Secure the IIS environment--including coverage of authentication protocols, PKI/SSL etc.
The percentage of children aged <6 years whose immunization records were housed in a fully operational IIS was calculated for each of the 56 grantees.
Mark Penn, the owner of Titan Technology Services, is joining IIS as a Business Development Executive.
A CDC program goal for 2010 is to achieve >95% participation in an IIS (defined as having two or more recorded vaccinations) among children aged <6 years.
Coveo Enterprise Search Provides IIS DocuSphere([R]) Users With Secure, Unified Search Across All Documents and Multimedia Content
Moreover, 75% percent of public vaccination provider sites and 44% of private vaccination provider sites submitted vaccination data to an IIS during July-December 2005.