II Peter

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the second New Testament book traditionally attributed to Saint Peter the Apostle

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Among the topics are Q and James: a source-critical conundrum, the audience of James and the sayings of Jesus, Isaiah 53 and I Peter 2:21-25, the gospels of Matthew and John in the Second Letter of Peter, and the testimony of Peter: II Peter and the gospel tradition.
Trained by Kazuoo Fujisawa, Casino Drive will ride under Katsumi Ando in the hope of building on his Grade II Peter Pan Stakes success, a race he won on his American debut, and to erase memories of a narrow loss to Success Brocken in Japan's February Stakes.
NCAA Division II Peter Fewing, Seattle University (WA)
The Top 20 in alphabetical order are: Martin Bashir Victoria Beckham Tony Blair Jim Davidson Chris Evans Sir Alex Ferguson Liam Gallagher Gareth Gates Jade Goody 'H' from StepsGeri Halliwell Neil and Christine Hamilton Jordan Bernard Manning Queen Elizabeth II Peter Stringfellow Margaret Thatcher Anthea Turner Rik Waller Robbie Williams
It cannot be ignored because the Transfiguration occurs not only in Mark, the earliest Gospel, but also in Matthew 17 and Luke 9 and with an even earlier reference in II Peter 1:1618.