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a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative)

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State departments of corrections without inmate labor programs should consider beginning programs similar to the CDC's IDL Program.
Operations, said, "With our acquisition of IDL Solutions, CACI has specialized capabilities to address the challenges of clients in the federal civilian healthcare and health insurance spaces.
The IDL Intelligent Tools (iTools) are a set of pre-built visualization tools that combine data analysis and visualization with the task of producing presentable quality graphics.
The IDL Script Node executes IDL pro code directly within an NI LabVIEW virtual instrument (VI) and is a specialized form of LabVIEW's general script node architecture.
Participants may attend via IDLs phone conferencing solution in place of attending in person by calling 208-334-0200 and requesting transfer to extension 5055.
The R&D team at RSI has recently introduced the IDL "Thread Pool," an innovative technology that allows users to tap into the power of multiple professors without having to change a single line of their own code.
Peter Meeus, Chief Executive Officer of IDL presented the Diplomas.
Frost has been using IDL for more than six years on high-performance workstations for analysis and representation of wideband radar research data.
13,200~) of fence along IDL ownership boundary that adjoins private ownership.
IDL seeks to identify a record tracking software to provide the following support for records stored in the high density mobile storage: 1) provide record tracking and record management functionality, 2) provide file label production and 3) provide bar code tracking.
An increasing volume of opportunities in digital signage, IDL and corporate communications is also developing due to a strong trend in richer and more diversified content for the enterprise.
AIG), today announced the launch of IDL MAX(SM), a comprehensive non-indemnifiable loss ("Side-A") excess liability insurance program enhanced with Difference In Conditions (DIC) coverage for independent directors of publicly-traded corporations.
Responses to all questions received will be posted on the IDL website at www.
BOSTON -- Steve Rollins, President of ALLPMO Network, well known consultant and author of "Essential Project Investment Governance and Reporting: Preventing Fraud and Ensuring Sarbanes Oxley Compliance" has teamed with IDL Systems to place this and other books, online as courses.