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an agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank

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Adviser to The minister of trade and industry for legal affairs and representative of the government during parliament's discussion of the law, Hisham Ragab, said that the draft law grants independence to the IDA in two parts.
Ideally, one needs a battery of tests including detailed peripheral blood picture, Hb A2 estimation, serum iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), serum ferritin and transferrin saturation to differentiate IDA from ssTT clearly.
The IDA will hand over 50 allocation letters of developed industrial lands in Sohag and Luxor next Sunday.
If you are aware of difficulty hearing, consult your doctor to see if physical reasons, such as IDA, could be the cause, and ask to have a hearing evaluation.
During the deliberations it was also decided that there would be four rounds of discussion on IDA replenishment and final round will be held in December this year.
The IDA set a goal in its Horizon 2020 strategy to attract these type of fast growth companies.
The same report identified variability in transplant center's IDA protocols addressing: 1) Training; 2) Qualifications; 3) Required documentation; 4) IDA function within the living donor evaluation process; and 5) Individual IDA versus donor advocate teams.
The MOU also allows for PUB to tap into the roster of Master Teachers who are members of the IDA Desalination Academy's faculty for desalination and waterreuse training courses for the Asia-Pacific region.
We have a very aggressive IDA policy and fast-track program that benefits businesses and residents of the town and Long Island.
lt;p>Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation for Projects Programming sector, Abdullah Al Shater said the agreement came within the frame work of boosting cooperation between Yemen and IDA, praising IDA's efforts in supporting development in Yemen .
Many authors have calculated the sensitivity and specificity of these indices in the distinction between IDA and TT [2].
However, many IDA savers and IDA practitioners have raised concerns about whether IDA accountholders will face unintended negative consequences as a result of their IDA savings when they apply for financial aid to attend college.
IDA needs no source code to be successful; it can automatically analyze millions of apcodes that make up an executable and provides disassembly?
IDA was established in 1960, 16 years after the creation of the World Bank to address concern that the poorest countries could not afford to borrow at the near-market rate terms offered by the IBRD.
Crewmen, when you get the improved dogbone assembly (IDA), NSN 3815-01-369-7497, for your tank's mine clearing blade or IDA roller, NSN 2590-01-380-4852, do not throw away the steel casing it comes in