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a ballistic missile that is capable of traveling from one continent to another

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The attempt to build the new weapon system, named as the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), is being head by the ICBM Systems Directorate at Hill Air Force Base (AFB) in Utah.
However, coupling their ICBM progress with the detonation of a third nuclear device in February 2013, North Korea is either intentionally or unintentionally signaling a desire to develop a capability to threaten North America.
Our team will assist in continually assessing and sustaining the ICBM ground subsystems segment using our proven, innovative approaches to ensure mission success.
defenses cannot successfully engage ICBMs containing multiply independent reentry vehicles (MIRVs), extensive sophisticated decoys or maneuvering reentry vehicle capability.
After exploring some landowners' motivation to resist emplacement of ICBMs on their property and why resistance failed, she delves into how the Air Force's aggressive public relations campaign of the early 1960s effectively "sold" deployment of the Minuteman to Congress and the American people.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel last week ordered a review of the problems inside the ICBM force and said he would assemble a group of outside experts to look for solutions.
We need to make sure these folks are 100 percent reliable to operate the ICBM weapon system that has been a deterrent force for the past 60 years," he said.
Sheehan shows how they lacked the vision to see how useless bombers would be in the event of a strategic nuclear war where the ICBM, capable of striking a target continents away in a matter of minutes, would be the primary--and deciding--weapon.
As such, America's ICBM force will need "calibrating" to ensure that our deterrent is not a paper tiger and can effectively deter potential aggressor nations that range from nonstate actors to reemerging superpowers.
And, it's also terrific to look into the crowd tonight and see a veritable "who's who" of Air Force senior leadership, all who have done so much for the ICBM community:
Historically, the existing space wings, which employ the ICBM force, have maintained raw alert rates that normally exceed 98 percent.
These include the Minuteman ICBM program, the Comanche Helicopter program and the USAF C-17 program.
Once the 10-month modifications are completed it will be able to communicate with all of the strategic forces, including bombers, ICBM missile silos and Trident missile submarines.
In his fifteen year tenure with Harris, Pearson traveled the globe installing and repairing customer equipment and was instrumental in leading Harris' project in the former Soviet Union to decommission former Soviet ICBM missiles and nuclear powered submarines, as part of the Start II treaty.
most likely will face ICBM threats from North Korea and Iran before 2015.