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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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They invested money in developing a circuit board that would allow IBM PCs to process Chinese characters.
The new desktop PCs IBM has introduced includes the IBM PC 300GL and IBM PC 300PL, both featuring Intel's new Pentium III microprocessor, and running at 450MHz and 500MHz, delivering IBM's fastest desktop PCs.
When Lotus 123 was released without a version for the TI Professional, I bought a TI Business Pro, which was compatible with the IBM PC AT, meaning it had the next generation of Intel microprocessor--the 80286.
2 will run on any IBM PC or clone with two floppy disk drives--just like the Lotus of old.
FORE's participation in the IBM PC Server Compatibility Program is just another step in our long-standing commitment to provide the highest degree of interoperability across our ATM adapter line and throughout FORE's product offerings," said Jacques Welter, product manager, ATM adapters for FORE Systems.
12 Hong Kong cents, reflecting dilution related to the acquisition of the former IBM PC Division.
The IBM PC Division's research and development of ThinkPad mobile computing technology takes place at the Yamato Laboratory in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and at development facilities in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
Nasdaq: INAC) announced today that Inacom Latin America, which provides computer systems and information management services to Latin American resellers, has been selected to carry the entire IBM PC Co.
Lenovo products will also be sold through IBM PC specialists who will join Lenovo.
The IBM PC Company has selected PenUltimate's new mobile sales automation software, SalesForce, as a "best of breed" offering from among a wide variety of other sales automation software products.
Adding to UltraSound's compatibility with current industry standards which include Windows, Sound Blaster, MPC and General Midi, is a new sound driver that provides emulation of Roland sound cards on the IBM PC platform.
The catalog is the fourth in an ongoing series of catalogs and direct mail from IBM PC Direct.
May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The IBM PC Company Americas will bundle Spinnaker Software's PFS:WindowWorks 2 integrated applications software with IBM's new PS/ValuePoint System for home office users.
April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Just six months after the initial Personal Systems/ValuePoint (See Note A) launch, the IBM PC Company -- North America today expanded the line with new models that deliver faster graphics, true color capability, greater disk capacity and processor upgradeability.