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girder having a cross section resembling the letter 'I'

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The LED strings (Philips Color Kinetics) are mounted on the short faces of the I-beams.
Beam Anchors for I-beam use: Lightweight, yet strong, offering complete freedom of movement and superior performance on overhead I-beams.
First shipment of 56 I-beams arrived in Valdez in November 2012.
Iron Woman used a crane to set HP14 x 117 pounds, 45-foot long I-beams into the drilled caissons, and a skid-steer backfilled to the engineer-prescribed depth while crew members kept the beams aligned and square.
Taiwan's largest steelmaker by capacity now, indicated that China's high-speed rail construction calls for railroad tracks undergoing casting, which are mostly imported, while train stations along these rail lines will be built from skeleton frames of steel columns and I-beams coupled with galvanized steel plates.
Where newer shopping centers have decorative columns, White City has bare steel I-beams.
The piece, which features three I-beams stacked on top of each other, will be on display at the park for the next three years.
The structural drill that processes raw I-beams before they move into the area was outdated and had become a bottleneck in the production process.
From Broadway, the building's facade is defiantly mechanistic, an enormous tic-tac-toe board of projecting aluminum louvers, many set on the diagonal, meant to express the internal truss system that keeps it aloft (as Mies's I-beams do at the Seagram Building in midtown).
We know these places: the empty lot next to the discount supermarket at the edge of town; the corroding I-beams of the new development that went bankrupt midconstruction; the dried-out riverbed that crosses under the highway; the shuttered rest stop.
Axion is providing all parts for the two Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) bridges, including pilings, I-beams for pile caps and main girders, and crossties/curbing.
They can use the crane to move food to the right compartment and use roadblocks, I-beams and warning codes to mark their territory.
Amongst their subjects they cover newer mathematical optimization methods, cost calculations, seismic-resistant design, fire-resistant design, welded I-beams, frames, welded stiffened plates and stiffened cylindrical shells, and tubular structures.
The plant supplied Weyerhaeuser facilities in Eugene and Stayton with dried veneer products, which were made into I-beams and joists, Miller said.
It may sound funny or even weak, but trust the data for yourself, the SIP products are like individual I-beams when it comes to structural support.