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girder having a cross section resembling the letter 'I'

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The bolt shear connectors and epoxy were used to resist the horizontal shear flow at the interface between the HFRP I-beam and the UHPFRC slab.
Daytime occupation of bats in 100% of timber bridges and 60% of I-beam bridges is noteworthy because several other studies in the United States report relatively low occupancy of bats in bridges, including 8% of bridges in southern Mississippi (Trousdale and Beckett, 2002) and 6.
So I joined the A&F crowd as it moved to a "mixed" bar of the kind that had apparently rendered the I-Beam obsolete.
The version practiced in the United States today involves placement of a live evergreen tree and an American flag on an I-beam to celebrate completion of the infrastructure and bestow good luck upon the building and those who inhabit and utilize it.
2, 2005 Physical Review Letters, theorists in Russia, China, and Sweden calculated how much spin current a nanoscale I-beam might detect and generate.
Also offered are BFC Series dischargers having a cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley to raise and position bulk bags without the aid of a forklift.
An I-beam supporting a shed near the wash rack had torn through the airframe on the starboard wing tip.
Rendered using superimposed source photographs of construction and demolition sites, the protagonists of these hard-edged images are I-beam frame works, chain-link fences, concrete barriers, and caution stripes.
An iFRAME Column, a strong I-beam that gets bolted vertically to the floor every two feet, forms the backbone of the system.
A truly non-shreddable object would be something like an 8-inch to 12-inch I-beam--although our large machine actually processed a 12-inch I-beam recently," Ward says of SSI's Pri-Max line.
Their design consisted of five laminated veneer lumber (LVL) I-beams with top flanges of 2-by 12-inch CCA-treated southern yellow pine (SYP) that formed a continuous "subdeck" supporting a transverse deck of 2- by 8-inch SYP with ship-lap joints screwed together and into the compressive flange of the I-beam supports.
The showroom's high ceilings have inspired the importer to display its rugs like banners from a steel I-beam structure that is 35 feet square and 17 feet high.
We may take a bent I-beam out of there, but if you grind it up you can make a new one," says Dick Malone.
I-BEAM is designed to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing IAQ in commercial buildings.
It is reinforced with I-beam pultrusion to provide durability and strength," Reivik states.