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girder having a cross section resembling the letter 'I'

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Accordingly, a special welded I-beam girder construction has been introduced, consisting of two different T-bars (Fig.
When there are no axial force and bending moment in y-direction of the I-beam caused by external forces, we can get
They studied the composite behavior of the HFRP I-beam and ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) topping slab, noting "UHPFRC has high ductility in both tension and compression due to the crack-bridging effect of the high strength steel fibers included in UHPFRC.
The breakthrough 18-inch I-beam design, with its large moment of inertia, provides an increase in stiffness while eliminating material, reducing the bridge's cost and weight.
Relatively few bats (n = 61) were observed roosting in I-beam bridges during daylight hours.
Included in the price is a custom rigged 1995 Carolina skiff with a 90hp Honda outboard, and a twin I-beam comm.
Optional front axles include Meritor wide-track I-beam axles rated 12,350, 13,200 and 14,000; Meritor standard track I-beam axles rated 13,200, 14,000 and 14,600 lb.
LEOMINSTER - A bridge on Route 12 was shut down last night while a construction crew tried to make repairs to an I-beam on the section of the bridge that covers the westbound lane of Route 2.
This large-capacity walk-in batch oven features 4" insulated walls throughout, an aluminized steel interior and exterior, three independent doors for workspace access on the front of the oven, standard double doors on the rear of the oven, a 2" insulated floor with three pairs of built-in truck wheel guide tracks and integral 6" I-beam supports to raise the oven above the factory floor level.
Carriages can be placed on either a standard I-beam IPE 300 or specially machined I-beam.
2, 2005 Physical Review Letters, theorists in Russia, China, and Sweden calculated how much spin current a nanoscale I-beam might detect and generate.
Also offered are BFC Series dischargers having a cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley to raise and position bulk bags without the aid of a forklift.
An I-beam supporting a shed near the wash rack had torn through the airframe on the starboard wing tip.
Rendered using superimposed source photographs of construction and demolition sites, the protagonists of these hard-edged images are I-beam frame works, chain-link fences, concrete barriers, and caution stripes.