I Corinthians

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a New Testament book containing the first epistle from Saint Paul to the church at Corinth

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Therefore, a rhetorical analysis of the text of I Corinthians will help identify an |interaction between the symbolic language of the text and the thought and behavior of individuals within the social structure' (p.
A comparison of the function of this apocalyptic language in I Corinthians and that found, for example, in Jewish and Greek literature is expected to provide keys to understanding both Paul's thought and that of the Corinthians.
Adams' study of Paul's cosmological language in I Corinthians builds on previous scholarship which analyzed the Greco-Roman social milieu of the community Paul founded there.
Whatever our status, i Corinthians 6 emphasizes living out sexuality under the umbrella of relationships to God and to the Christian community.
According to her, Paul's citation of Scripture in a letter like I Corinthians indicates that "Moses" still functions as a prime source of authority for Paul and his readers, so in this respect both the synagogue and the Pauline assemblies share structural similarities with philosophical movements.