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Antonyms for hypotonic

(of living tissue) lacking normal tone or tension


(of a solution) having a lower osmotic pressure than a comparison solution

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Here, we used olive flounder fed a diet containing quercetin for 30 or 60 days as an experimental model for studying the effects of quercetin on the growth, plasma cholesterol level and on oxidative stress induced by hypoosmotic conditions.
Hypoosmotic swellig test (HOST) : The HOS test was preformed by employing the technique developed by Maxwell and Johnson (1997).
Effect of abstinence on sperm acrosin, hypoosmotic swelling, and other semen variables.
Sperm viability was determined by hypoosmotic swelling (HOS assay) (Jevendran et al.
The hypoosmotic swelling test: Its employment as an assay to evaluate the functional integrity of the frozen-thawed bovine sperm membrane.
vannamei to deal with hypoosmotic stress through osmoregulation and ion regulation at low salinity (Welcomme & Devos 1991.