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Synonyms for dehydration

dryness resulting from the removal of water

depletion of bodily fluids

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Intermittent running: muscle metabolism in the heat and effect of hypohydration.
Operational anorexia as a generalised stress response to severe environment, thermal strain, hypohydration, anxiety, fatigue, aches and pain reduce food consumption (14).
In the present study, despite pretest hypohydration in men, the constant fluid replacement of both volumes was effective in maintaining the mean value of postexercise urine specific gravity to less than 1.
1983) Hypohydration and exercise: effects of heat acclimation, gender, and environment.
Furthermore, previous research has suggested a link between hypohydration rates in tennis players amounting to 2.
1984) Differential effects of sauna-, diuretic- and exercise-induced hypohydration.
In functional terms, heat exhaustion represents an inability to continue exercising in hot environments due to hypohydration and cardiovascular responses being unable to cope with the exercise workload (Armstrong et al.