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impairment of tactile sensitivity

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There was loss of sensation on the bilateral hand and feet along with hypoaesthesia over his forearm, arm and thighs, with atrophy of the small muscles of the hand with positive Froment's sign.
Hypoaesthesia for pinprick and tactile sense occurred more commonly than hyperaesthesia.
The most common adverse events in the elesclomol plus paclitaxel group included fatigue, alopecia, constipation, nausea, hypoaesthesia, arthralgia, insomnia, diarrhea, and anemia.
It took a lot of effort on our part to convince the patient and the family that recurrent unnoticed burns were occurring because of hypoaesthesia in the leprosy lesions.
On sensory testing hypoaesthesia to temperature and pinprick sensation was observed in the plaques and on the hypopigmented patch.
Increase in the thermal thresholds indicated warm hypoaesthesia, cold hypoaesthesia or both.