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increased blood in an organ or other body part


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Endoscopy later revealed hyperaemic gastric mucosa and suggestion was made to investigate for portal hypertension but her ultrasound and Doppler of the portal vein was unremarkable.
On slit lamp biomicroscopy, mass appeared highly hyperaemic, inflamed and fleshy infiltrating into cornea.
Hyperaemic response to cigarette smoking in healthy gingiva.
They found a reduction in the post-exercise hyperaemic response with exercise training.
Progressive stage of psoriasis with particular small papular rash with hyperaemic inflammatory rim on the periphery was observed in 48(41.
A significant number of respondents taught students to perform a two-stage pulpotomy where a pulp appeared to be hyperaemic and haemostasis was difficult to achieve.
The parietal pleura was fragile and hyperaemic, with pedunculated protuberances which bled easily.
Rosmarinus officinalis contains the antioxidant rosmarinic acid whereas the essential oil of this medicinal plant with its terpenoids cineol and borneol (acetate) has hyperaemic effects.
The nature of tissue recovery following ischaemia is determined by the resilience of the specific tissues, including the blood and lymph vessels, systolic blood pressure and the reactive hyperaemic response.
Differentiating syncope from seizure and TIA Syncope Seizure Onset Abrupt (but may have Aura is typical (but warning) LOC is abrupt) Prompt waking Yes Post-ictal state Seizure No Yes Pallor Yes No Hyperaemic flush Yes No Associated symptoms No Aura Tongue biting No Yes Urinary incontinence No Yes TIA Onset Abrupt Prompt waking Slow waking Seizure No Pallor No Hyperaemic flush No Associated symptoms Other neurological symptoms Tongue biting No Urinary incontinence No LOC = loss of consciousness; TIA = transient ischaemic attack.
Besides, the nail plate had a hyperaemic ground and was slightly purple in colour (Figure).
The jejunum was found hyperaemic and grossly congested, palpation revealed foreign body in lumen anchored to wall of jejunum.
VA is reduced or normal and the optic discs appear severely hyperaemic and moderately elevated with indistinct margins, which may be asymmetric initially.
Atrophic candidiasis presents as hyperaemic mucosa commonly found on the hard palate or dorsal tongue, and angular cheilitis presents as tender erythematous fissured oral commissures.