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a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae

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Rhai o'r rhywogaethau prin sydd i'w cael yn Eithinog: (chwith i'r dde, yn null y cloc) Gwyfyn bwrned (Burnet moth), cap cwyr Hygrocybe ceracea, gwyfyn modrwyog (ringlet moth), a'r gorfanadl mwyaf (greater broomrape)
They use older taxonomy, for ease rather than ideology, and place most the species they describe in the two genera Hygrocybe and Hygrophorus.
There are a number of different fungi that cause the fairy ring symptom, including probably the commonest Marasmius oreades as well as Hygrocybe species and Clitocybe species.
These waxcaps, also known as Hygrocybe, have also been reported to be popping up across the whole of West Wales.
Lawyers for the CCW urged judge Mr Justice Andrew Collins not to quash its decision to protect what is claims is an 'internationally important' waxcap hygrocybe fungi population on the banks of the reservoirs.