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While hydrous ethanol contains about 5% water content, anhydrous ethanol is virtually water-free.
The latest data from the country's National Petroleum Agency showed that hydrous ethanol consumption in January-September totaled 13.
According to data from the Brazilian Petroleum Agency, hydrous ethanol sales reached 49.
Since the February reinstatement of Brazil's Cide tax on gasoline, hydrous ethanol consumption has boomed, increasing its share of total automotive fuel demand in Brazil to 29%, the highest since February 2011, according to data from the Brazilian Petroleum Agency.
Byogy Renewables, headquartered in California with a Subsidiary in Brazil, has developed a breakthrough catalytic platform that converts any source of hydrous ethanol, or butanol, into full replacement, drop-in, and cost competitive biofuels including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.
The daily assessments are specifically for hydrous ethanol loading from Pakistan, fuel grade anhydrous ethanol delivered to the Philippines and B-grade ethanol delivered to northeast Asia, namely to Japan and South Korea.
Last week, the average price for hydrous ethanol, the type used by the flex-fuel car fleet, stood at 1.
The new site is close to a river, making it accessible to transport product to an ocean port for transport to the US, said CEO Ken Milken, adding "Our initial plans are to build a facility that will have the capacity to dry up to 15MMGY of hydrous ethanol to be imported into the US.
Launched in response to increasing demand, the new weekly Asia Ethanol report offers accurate weekly price assessments for 95% purity hydrous ethanol (CFR North East Asia and CFR South East Asia) and 99% purity anhydrous ethanol (FOB Asia).
The first phase will have the capacity to dry up to 15MMGY of hydrous ethanol to be imported into the US.
From September 29 to October 20, ethanol prices based on Platts' hydrous ethanol ex-mill Ribeirao Preto assessment rose 12.
Thai hydrous ethanol plants and Philippine fuel ethanol projects tour