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study of the mechanics of fluids

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In many cases, the slides will have a lock angle with the stationary half, locking it in place against plastic pressure where the hydraulic pressure is not needed to withstand cavity pressure (see last month's column).
What moves when AGPU hydraulic pressure is applied to aircraft are the Flight controls and the AH-6M pylons.
To accomplish this, the Loup Electronics Load Log 8000i uses 2 hydraulic pressure sensors, one in the pressure and one in the return for a calculation of differential pressure.
At about 1 hour into a JCS directed Sensitive Reconnaissance Operations mission over Korea, Maj Adcock noticed hydraulic pressure begin to fall below operational limits.
All gauges (rpm, oil pressure, hydraulic pressure, EGT and fuel flow) were within starting limits, which indicated a good engine start.
Tohoku Electric will also strengthen doors at the buildings housing nuclear reactors so they could resist hydraulic pressure to prevent seawater from entering important facilities.
The press features a color graphic touch screen controller, digital control of the laminating pressure and platen temperature, automatic setting of the hydraulic pressure and exclusion of press cylinders according to programmed panel dimensions, and electronic detection of platen deflection due to improper loading of the press.
The SEGS system can take energy input from any energy source which produces hydraulic pressure and drive a single engine and generator with all that combined power.
The forming process involves deformation of a metal sheet using an increasing hydraulic pressure applied to the lower side of sheet.
Nippon Steel subsidiary skips hydraulic pressure tests for pipelines
Loss or reduction in hydraulic pressure will not release the tool because the power-off design requires pressure applied to the hydraulic piston and transmitted through the rod to push the clamping sleeve down.
They can detect any form of attack, including explosives or attempted entry with tools such as drills, flame cutters, mechanical and hydraulic pressure tools, thermal lances, and water jets.
The basic configuration of the system consists of an oil pump for converting engine power into hydraulic pressure, and an oil motor for converting the hydraulic pressure back into power for output.
The miners were trapped at a level slightly more than a mile underground when a hydraulic pressure pipe blew out at a weld at the mine outside Carletonville, near Johannesburg.
Equipped with a single acting intensifier pump that amplifies the hydraulic pressure at the turn of a knob, the M-110EH-30 is able to drive the product stream through the interaction chamber.