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Acc = Accepted Fossil taxon Organ Age Hydrangeaceae Tylerianthus crossmanensis Flower Turonian Gandolfo, Nixon et Crepet 1998 Comaceae Cornus clarnensis Endocarp Middle Eocene Manchester 1994 Mastixioxylon symplocoides Wood Middle-Late Meijer 2000 Santonian Cornaceae/Nyssaceae Nyssoxylon sp.
Hydrangeaceae [108], Magnoliaceae [108], Orchidaceae [117]
Araceae [229], Asteraceae [37], Hydrangeaceae [108],
225], Fabaceae [62, 115, 120, 179], Hydrangeaceae [115],
115, 138], Hydrangeaceae [115], Lecythidaceae [144],
Brassicaceae [36], Cactaceae [113], Hydrangeaceae [107],
A phylogenetic analysis of Hydrangeaceae based on sequences of the plastid gene matK and their combination with rbcL and morphological data.
Anlage des Androeciums bei cinigen Vertretern der Hydrangeaceae.
A floral ontogenetic investigation of the Hydrangeaceae.