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a hybrid cell resulting from the fusion of a lymphocyte and a tumor cell

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MAbs recognizing FFL(Firefly luciferase) specificly were developed by obtaining hybridoma cell lines from the immunized animals injected with the firefly luciferase protein .
Gratifyingly, the new technique worked exactly as hoped for the specificity screening of hybridomas.
In recent years, major technical advances in the ability to generate antibodies include the development of a variety of expression systems, including hybridoma, bacteria, and phage systems (75,76).
In the laboratory flasks, these hardworking hybridomas become tiny factories, churning out antibodies.
When the researchers looked at the antibodies produced by the hybridomas, they found that 28 percent of the hybridomas from spleen cells and 68 percent of those from lymph nodes produced antibodies carrying the distinctive idiotype of the foreign gene.
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Contract notice: Preparation of hybridomas producing antibodies specific for the biomarker and other components of the diagnostic platform, and the synthesis of peptide libraries.
Compared to currently available antibody technology on the market, such as mouse hybridomas, Epitomics' technology can generate antibodies with superior binding affinity and bioactivity in a wide variety of biological assays.
The discovery that really made the FACS and flow cytometry a laboratory and clinical standard was the production of hybridomas by Kohler and Milstein (6,7).
An immunologist removes these antibody-producing cells and individually fuses some of them with modified tumor cells to make hybridomas, or immortal cell lines that continuously churn out lots of identical antibodies -- called monoclonal antibodies -- which always bind to exactly the same chemical structure.
As a result of the agreement with USCN, OncoCyte will have the choice of creating its own antibody-producing cell lines to manufacture the components of PanC-Dx(TM), or of saving time and development costs by using existing USCN hybridomas under a royalty-bearing license.
Ilya Trakht at Columbia University as a humanized immortal cell line for use in the creation of immortal human hybridomas through the fusion of MFP-2 cells with antibody producing human lymphocytes.
Most BsMAbs are derived from the IgG class, whereas most hybridomas raised against carbohydrate antigens, including the tumor-associated antigens, are IgM MAb producers.