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the activities involved in political campaigning (especially speech making)

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But Labour said later: "This is standard procedure for any internal selection hustings in the Labour Party.
James Wharton could not attend this week's hustings SIMON GREENER
NFU Cymru got its hustings season underway at its Builth Wells HQ.
In an email to members, party general secretary Iain McNichol Mr McNichol stressed that members would be choosing the party's "candidate for prime minister" and that the hustings would help them decide.
Mr Gove was challenged about the text at the hustings, MPs present said, with a May supporter stating the Justice Secretary responded to the challenge with "a sort of giggle, and then he sat down.
But while it will do little to enhance their chances of winning an election (in fact the only way they can go is down if they speak out of turn or embarrass themselves) the hustings at least shows some degree of concern with what the wider city thinks.
The open hustings takes place just days before the key vote and will give an opportunity to ask how the leadership hopefuls would approach issues like children's services, education and looming fears of Government intervention.
NO clear winner emerged from the final official hustings as Labour leadership hopefuls went head to head in Warrington.
A hustings event, involving the candidates bidding to succeed Ed Miliband, will be filmed by the BBC in the town, at a location still to be confirmed, on June 17.
EeAo Mental Health Election Hustings Events in Hammersmith, Westminster, and Kensington & Chelsea.
THE British Medical Association (BMA) was forced to switch venues for its traditional pre-election hustings.
Summary: Labour's leadership contenders have all described themselves as socialists as they took part in a live televised hustings in Norwich.
Summary: Protagonist of the Oscar winning documentary 'Smile Pinky', Pinki Sonkar is all set to campaign for Indian Justice Party during the impending poll hustings.
Party stalwarts are said to be shocked he's not only refusing to move back from Westminster to lead the SNP from the Holyrood he helped to found, but is apparently so disparaging of his fellow leadership contenders that he doesn't plan to debate with them in a series of hustings arranged for supporters.
And deconstruction is a familiar option to this native Detroiter who is nowadays among the leading public intellectuals on the hustings.