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an adherent of the religious reforms of John Huss

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Subsequent events, such as the threat of Islam and the Hussite revolt, simply brought the world closer to the finish line.
Robert Lerner did rightly dispatch the phantom of the Free Spirit heretics a generation ago, but Cathar, Waldensian, and Hussite heretics really did prowl the dimly lit hallways of medieval Europe.
His name appears in several publications about Hus and the Hussite movement (eg ATWOOD, 2009; CORNEJ, 2011; PORTAL, 1968; SPINKA, 1943, 1968; SCHAFF, 2001).
In 1416 and 1418--just as the Hussite movement was stirring in far away Bohemia--he wrote letters to the despot of Morea as well as the emperor in Constantinople imagining a complete social, political and cultural reorganization of the state.
In a schema reminiscent of late medieval trinitarian diagrams, which circulated especially in the Hussite tradition, (33) Glaidt connected the three persons of the Trinity to the ontological concepts of beginning, middle, and end, the anthropological categories of spirit, soul, and body, and the theological virtues of faith, love, and hope (1 Cor.
Prosperous Jews had their money and possessions summarily confiscated, many were driven from the land, and in 1421 some two hundred Jews were burned at the stake, accused of desecrating the Eucharistic Host and dealing with the Hussite heretics.
The Mowbray Orchestra will start the concert with the Hussite Overture and then join the choir in a performance of the moving Stabat Mater.
Among their topics are the veneration of the Maccabean brothers in fourth-century Antioch, the mother and seven sons in late antique and medieval Ashkenazi Judaism, the reception of the Books of the Maccabees in the Hussite reformation, the rhetoric of holy war in the sermons and pamphlets of Puritans in the run-up to the English Civil War (1620-42), and Zacharias Werner's "Mother of the Maccabees.
Geneva's Calvinism, Anglicanism, the Hussite movement in Bohemia,
Apparently they were joined by Tatar skirmishers commanded by a former Khan of the Golden Horde and Bohemian warriors under the Hussite leader Jan Zizka.
In the second he visits the 15th century where his courage is tested as he gets involved in the Hussite wars to save Prague.
The almond is also cited in the Hussite, Babylonian and Anatolian chronicles.
While Lollardy was suppressed, the Hussite movement flourished as an "imagined community" of the Czechs, with strong support from clerics and gentry alike.
In Act 2, he dreams he's in 1420 during the time of Hussite glory.