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Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran

king of Jordan credited with creating stability at home and seeking peace with Israel (1935-1999)

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Mariam has grown familiar with war on her doorstep but her lowest point came when a ministry where son Husayn was headed was blown up.
It was through both Taha Husayn and al-Khuli that some of 'Abduh's achievements were developed.
The authors draw parallels between the human Jesus of Nazareth and the second imam, Husayn ibn-Ali, both of whom "offered themselves for the redemption of sinners.
Moreover, the Karshes err in certain places: Husayn did not assume the caliphate at the outbreak of the revolt, but only in 1924, and the organization that they refer to as the Syrian Decentralization Party was known as the Ottoman Decentralization Party, a name that much more accurately reflected its aims.
uestlove" Thompson, Shafiq Husayn, and Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.
He is also the father of Husayn Siraj, an important literary and cultural figure in this country, who died in 2007.
Calik Holding Executive Board Chairperson Ahmet Calik, Calik Enerji Executive Board Chairperson Osman Saim Dinc, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Husayn Ibrahim Salih al-Shahristani and officials attended a signing ceremony on the project that took place in Baghdad.
Muhammad Awad, spokesman for the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, said those apprehended were Saba' Sabarneh, 17, and Nidal Husayn Za'qeeq, 20, after their homes were razed in Beit Amer.
present an anthology of modern Islamist thought, including texts from Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb of the Muslim Brotherhood; Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, the founding figure of Iran's Islamic Revolution; Muhhamed Baqir al-Sadr of Iraq; the Palestinian group Hamas; Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah of Lebanon (who is often erroneously referred to by the corporate media as the "spiritual leader of Hezbollah"); Afghanistan's Taliban; Osama bin Laden of al-Qaeda; and 9/11 hijacker Muhammad Atta.
Amiri cited the example of Husayn Al Balushi, who was the winner of AED 1 million during the April draw.
Yesterday Al Jazeera television aired a copy of what it said was an Egyptian Interior Ministry list of the Pakistani suspects, highlighting the grainy pictures of two men named Muhammad Akhtar, 30, and Tasadduq Husayn, 18.
It also claimed Ghassan Muhammad Amin Husayn al-Rawi, a militant in al-Zarqawi's group who was captured on April 26, had provided intelligence that had helped lead to the raids.
She went with her children Husayn, 18, Mohammed, 16, and Kawther, 13, to visit Iraq last summer and saw the conflict for herself but also a people trying to live a normal life behind the headlines.
1388) critique of tafsir 'ilmi, Muhammad Husayn ash-Dhahabi remarks that the Qur'an was sent down to serve not as a compendium of medicine, astronomy, geometry, chemistry, or necromancy, but as a book of guidance that would lead humanity out of darkness and into light.
Of fall the unknowns facing policy makers in Iraq, the greatest is what kind of leadership is likely to come after Saddam Husayn.