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a member of the Athapaskan people of the Trinity River valley in California

the Athapaskan language spoken by the Hupa

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The Hupas took to agriculture as wage work, and quit when the agent refused them wages.
In the Draft Affordable Housing Policy of Andhra Pradesh, presented to the Ministry of HUPA, the state government has also proposed waiver of land conversion fee, infrastructure development charges, building plan approval fee, registration fee and betterment charges to promote affordable housing for EWS and LIG besides relaxation in Floor Area Ratio (FAR).
Kilpinen and Hupa [14] studied the effect of bed temperature on conversion of HCN and NH3 into [N.
Nikolai DeMartini, Mikael Forssen, and Mikko Hupa are with Abo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Centre, Piispankatu 8, FI-20500 Turku, Finland.
Lara, a member of the Hupa Valley Tribe enrolled at Arizona State University -- were selected as the first recipients to receive the Morongo funds.
Kat High, a Hupa descendant who helped coordinate the local visit, said the runners are a unifying force among native people, building a bond that stretches from the northern tundra to the rain forests of South America.
Trade languages were common throughout North America, including a Virginia Algonquian language used by the Powhatan confederacy, a pidginized form of Delaware, Occaneeche, Peoria, Ojibway, Cree, Dakota, Comanche, Navaho, Hupa, and a pidginized version of Chinook (Goddard 1971; Dreschel 1981; Taylor 1981; Rhodes 1982; Thomason 1983).
The library's large collection of Native American materials helps to keep alive the disappearing Hupa language.
New Delhi, Jan 21 (ANI): Minister of Culture and HUPA Kumari Selja on Friday said that tourism ministry is making efforts to promote golf as a niche tourism product and also position India, as a preferred golfing destination in the region.
some information can be found from researches performed by Kilpinen, Kallio, Hupa [6], Jegorov, Saar [7-9], Loosaar [9, 10], Ots [11].
Tarja Tamminen, Mikael Forssen, and Mikko Hupa, Abo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Group, c/o Combustion and Materials Chemistry, Lemminkaisenkatu 14-18 B, 20520 Turku, Finland; email Tamminen at tarja.
I hope native people see it and get encouraged to tell their own stories in their own voices,'' said High, who is of Hupa descent and serves as a Satwiwa board member.
Contract notice: Hupa 27/15 pa complete maintenance of electromedical equipment hospital universitario prince of asturias and its affiliated centers (cidt francisco diaz, mental health center and day hospital puerta de madrid).
Tamminen, Lauren, and Hupa are with Abo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Group, c/o Combustion and Materials Chemistry, Turku, Finland; Janka is with Kvaerner Pulping Oy, Tampere, Finland; email Tamminen at tarja.
In the Hoopa Valley, 35 miles from Orleans on the Trinity River, Hupa descendant Gordon Bussell, 42, has put his contracting work on hold to devote all his time to learning from his fluent Hupa elders.