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Synonyms for amnesiac

unable to remember

Synonyms for amnesiac

a person suffering from amnesia


Related Words

suffering from a partial loss of memory

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In the past, the Orochen were against hunting bears because, according to legend, they were related to the bear by blood.
For some game animals this becomes all too important when the animal takes offense, as can happen hunting bears or pigs.
An 81-year-old man was attacked and killed by a brown bear early Thursday while he was hunting bears in the mountains in Mombetsu, Hokkaido, police said.
I Might Be Wrong, Knives Out, Morning Bell, Dollars And Cents, Hunting Bears, Like Spinning Plates and Life In A Glass House.
Finns first bred the black-and-white Karelians (named for a geographic region along the Finland-Russia border) in the 1600s for hunting bears.
While there, he purchased the hunting gun, which is especially large, and was used for hunting bears.
BOTH of these famous outdoorsmen had spent long periods in the field hunting bears and other animals.
I was thinking about this, and the fact that in three years of hunting bears I had yet to lay eyes on one, when out of nowhere a bear showed up.
In 1994, Oregonians voted out the practice of hound hunting bears and cougars.
Up to that point, I had not been interested in hunting bears.
They then sat out the winter, surviving by employing traditional Inuit skills--building a stone hut with tools made from walrus tusks, using walrus blubber for lighting and hunting bears for food and clothing.
After making our way across, Eric paused for a breather and quipped, "I'll bet you didn't know you would be hunting bears that think they are sheep.
Oregonians voted in 1994 to ban the use of bait in hunting bears, and the use of dogs in hunting cougars.