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Synonyms for Hunt

hunt for something or someone


  • search for
  • look for
  • try to find
  • seek for
  • forage for
  • rummage for
  • scour for
  • look high and low
  • fossick for
  • go in quest of
  • ferret about for

Synonyms for Hunt

to look for and pursue (game) in order to capture or kill it

to try to find something

hunt down: to pursue and locate

Synonyms for Hunt

Englishman and Pre-Raphaelite painter (1827-1910)

United States architect (1827-1895)

British writer who defended the Romanticism of Keats and Shelley (1784-1859)

an association of huntsmen who hunt for sport

an instance of searching for something

Related Words

the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone

the work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts

pursue or chase relentlessly

chase away, with as with force

yaw back and forth about a flight path

oscillate about a desired speed, position, or state to an undesirable extent

Related Words

seek, search for

Related Words

search (an area) for prey

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STILL IN THE HUNT The ban hasn't ended interest in hunting.
Also on the hunt was Mack Gray, who was looking for bobcat and boar.
Changes will be made to hunt constitutions to ensure members are insured, though hunts men have been warned their insurance will be forfeited if they hunt illegally, which could be ruinous.
As a guest at one of these lodges, you can expect to hunt with top-notch guides and veteran hunting dogs.
Hunt predicted that International Rectifier might surprise Wall Street with larger-than-expected profits, and it came to pass.
Michonski, xhairman of RealShare (Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy's parent company) and CEO of Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy and William West have created a close working relationship between the Greenthal management arm and Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy.
This claim introduces a series of chapters that traces the representation of the hunt through Shakespeare's plays and poems.
A month prior to cancelling the spring bear hunt in 1999, John Snobelen, minister of natural resources was saying a spring ban was out of the question.
In this innovative, brilliant, if sometimes irritating book, Nancy Rose Hunt combines the analytic tools of poststructuralist theories with more conventional modes of analysis to offer one possible solution to these enduring questions.
Stalk a ferocious, huge, bone-crushing Grizzly yourself, or take along a friend and experience the Maneater Mission where you track and hunt a man-eating bear before he kills again.
They may hunt walruses and polar bears without regulation by the state of Alaska.
Humans' stone and bone tools lacked these features until about the time Homo erectus appeared, reports Hunt of Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Supplemental cash was needed to augment the corn income, and Mullin decided to sell the right to hunt the pheasants that were helping themselves to his crops.
BLB Family Housing, LLC is comprised of Pinnacle AMS Development Company, LLC of Irvine, California and Hunt Building Corporation of El Paso, Texas.