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a member of the Siouan people who constituted a division of the Teton Sioux and who formerly lived in the western Dakotas

a Siouan language spoken by the Hunkpapa

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Fearing retaliation, hundreds of the Hunkpapa fled their homes, hoping to seek shelter with the Indians at Cheyenne River, but the Seventh Cavalry caught up with them and brought them to Wounded Knee Creek on December 28.
The Tetons are comprised of the bands of Oglalas (Wanderers), Brules' (Burnt-Thighs), San Arcs (No Bows), Hunkpapas (They who camp by Themselves), and Minneconjous (Those who Plant by the Water), according to Richard I.
Jones, a Hunkpapa Lakota from the Standing Rock reservation, recounts how a young girl once approached him and asked for reassurance that he wouldn't scalp her (Jones & Moomaw, 2002, p.
Who was the legendary Hunkpapa Lakota chief that Claxton's great-great maternal grandparents and great-grandmother accompanied on the long trek from South Dakota to Saskatchewan?
They participated in the Wokiksuye (Bigfoot) and Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull) Horseback Ride that retraced the steps of the Miniconju and the Hunkpapa massacred at Wounded Knee.
Alongside her step-sister Tania Donnelly, Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses produced a compelling female force best captured on their 1989 album Hunkpapa.
The Pick Sloan project inundated most of the Missouri River Basin tribes, flooding the best bottom lands of the Hunkpapa, Mandana, Hidatsa, Arikara, Yanktonai and all those who had come to reserve land along the Missouri.
We'venever been introduced,but I did stand behind her in the early hours of Tuesday, September 21,1999,in the Courtyard at Cream, where we were both watching Hunkpapa - a band featuring Peter Hooton and Keith Mullin,formerly of the Farm.
Fort Peck Reservation, with two million acres of land in northeastern Montana, is the home of David Boyd, entrepreneur and descendent of Hunkpapa chief and warrior Sitting Bull.
We believe we have to support the seventh generation to come,'' said Redbird founding member Toni Sarcinella, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark and a Hunkpapa Indian.
the letter's primary author, and Maria Braveheart Jordan, a Hunkpapa Lakota Indian in Denver who also contributed to the open letter.
Putting the Moccasins Back On features Hunkpapa Lakota Holy Man, Joseph Flying Bye, shares his tribal traditions and Lakota language in a new CD.
That was the year Sitting Bull, the Hunkpapa medicine man, was with the show.