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Hungary can be our gateway to EU as Philippines becomes their gateway to ASEAN," Lopez said.
Linking the EU funding that is due to Hungary according to the treaties with illegal immigration is an underhanded thing, the Minister said, adding that This is particularly true in view for the fact that Western enterprises, including German companies, have profited significantly from the funding provided to Hungary.
The ambassador informed the Minister that the two countries can sign Economic Cooperation Agreement on the latter's visit to Hungary as the Hungarian authorities have already forwarded the agreement to the European Union for their comments.
He said that since the visit of the Minister of Economic Diplomacy of Hungary there is a growing impression in Hungary that Pakistan's economy has stabilized and countries like Hungary can complement Pakistan's trade and investment potential.
security assistance to Hungary contributes to regional stability and helps maintain strong support in Hungary for coalition operations, including for the provision of personnel, equipment, and other resources.
The authorities have approved the purchase of Citibank's (NYSE: C) retail business operations by Erste Bank Hungary and its subsidiary, Erste Befektetesi.
Hungary supports the peacekeeping reform efforts, including its better linkage with peacebuilding, with special focus on building inclusive societies, education, protection of culture and human rights.
Michael LaBelle, an assistant professor at the Central European University in Budapest, said it made sense for Gazprom to store gas in Hungary and the move would also help Hungary in the event that supply is cut off.
8220;Hungary Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019” has evaluated the growth potential of Hungary tyre market and provides statistics and information on market structure, exports and future growth of the Hungary tyre market.
Macedonia's most imported products to Hungary include pipes, marmalades and fruit jellies, and the most imported prod ucts from Hungary are wheat, polyvinyl chloride, home appliances and frozen pork.
The support of Hungary is very important, said Yakis.
23 July 2010 - Moody's put on "downgrade review" its investment-grade ratings on Hungary citing concerns over the country's fiscal and economic prospects.
Talks between Hungary's new government and the International Monetary Fund are going well, and the outline of a new pact between Hungary and its creditor could be drawn up within days, a senior government official told the state news agency MTI on Tuesday, according to dpa.
ITD Hungary continues to be in discussion with several large and medium sized investors and we are yet to experience a fall in interest in Hungary.
In Hungary last April, the Socialists were re-elected with 43 percent of the vote, while the liberal Alliance of Free Democrats received only 6.
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