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Synonyms for Hungarian

a native or inhabitant of Hungary

the official language of Hungary (also spoken in Rumania)


Related Words

relating to or characteristic of Hungary


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He concludes that "the Hungarians already had a horse breeding economy when they met the Turks" (p.
Businessman George Osztreicher, one of the first Hungarians to move to Wales in 1956, will open the first meeting.
Over 100 representatives of the Hungarian community in Macedonia attended later on that day a casual reception held at the University of Agriculture and Food Engineering sponsored by the Telecottage Association and the Hungarian Embassy in Skopje.
Hungarian businessmen wish to participate in the construction of the power line between Elbasan, Albania, and Bitola, Macedonia.
The exhibition, which lasts until the end of April, was organized by the Hungarian Excavation Mission working in Syria for several years due to an agreement signed between Syria and the Hungarian Peter Pazmany University.
The larger Library of Congress acquisition included the personal library of Charles Feleky, a Hungarian emigrant, musician, and the visionary behind the HRL, and materials collected after Feleky's death in 1930.
Some 200,000 Hungarians fled into exile in search of liberty.
Hungarians became defenders of the Christian West and fought many freedom battles: The Hungarians traces their many achievements, their country's changing history, and how the Hungarians have survived as a people against al odds.
Before the dream-scene, after a desperate battle, Hungarians seems defeated.
Noticeably, Hortobagy is often the preferred dining destination of Hungarians visiting Los Angeles, currently those connected to a local festival of Hungarian films.
Apart from these Canadian Hungarians, we find in the anthology bilingual writers and poets who prefer to write in English but who have published original work in Hungarian or translated fellow Hungarians into English.
The "troubles" to which he referred were signs of a "break in the extraordinary symbiosis of Hungarian Jews and non-Jewish Hungarians.
In subsequent essays Teleky reflects on the photographs of the great Hungarian-born photographer Andre Kertesz; introduces the Hungarian writer Peter Esterhazy; considers the translation of Hungarian poetry into English by Canadian poet Margaret Avison; visits a Hungarian-American Church in Clevelan d, city of his birth, a Hungarian-language bookstore in Toronto, and post-Communist Hungary; explores the image of Hungarians in North American fiction, film, and popular culture; and describes the experience of introducing students at Toronto's York University to central Europe through literature in translation.
Many of the churches are being built in Romania's Transylvania region, where ethnic Hungarians predominate.
King Stephen decreed that every 10 villages had to build a church and all Hungarians -- fire-minders excepted -- had to attend church every Sunday.
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